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Zerona Laser

This revolutionary procedure is the first low level laser body sculpting treatment that effectively removes fat. Patients treated with ZERONA can expect to lose from 2 to over 20 inches from their hips, waist, arms, legs, buttocks and abdominal area without killing the fat cell!

About Zerona

Unlike traditional liposuction, ZERONA is applied externally.  This new method provides results without the dangers and complications of surgery, while at the same time allowing patients to remain active during their treatment...A totally non-invasvie treatment with NO down time.

Utilizing the ZERONA protocol allows for the emulsification of fatty tissue, which leaks fat into the extracellular space.  The excess fat is then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification.  At The Healing Center we also provide the body with additional support to further aid in this cleansing process.

ZERONA protocol achieves proven results for inch loss!

ZERONA patients are treated 9 times over a three week time period.  Each ZERONA treatment takes 40 minutes during which time the patient relaxes comfortably. Our proven protocol provides optimal success, and we offer additional modalities at no cost to enhance results. These include: Lymphatic Stimulation, Whole Body Vibration, and Ionic Detox Sessions which are treatments that will maximize the inch/weigh loss. The entire procedure is very comfortable, non-invasive, and involves NO downtime, or recovery periods.  In fact, after the procedure it is recommended that the patient participates in some type of cardiovascular activity to aid in the detoxification process.

Call The Healing Center today to see what Zerona can do for you! 


Summer 2013 Zerona Special!!

$ 995

($2815 value)

Our Zerona Protocol Includes:

  • 9 Zerona Laser sessions

  • 9 Additional (Non-Zerona) to Boost Metabolism to include:
  • Lymphatic Stimulation Sessions
  • Whole Body Vibration Plate Sessions 
  • Ionic Detox Sessions
  •  UNTIL August 31, 3013 Free doctor consult &  + 30 day HCG program (includes HCG/B12)

Call to Schedule Your First Appointment TODAY!


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Christmas came and went and I ate and ate-I gained so much weight!  Then a liver problem which affected my left leg and I could not exercise.  I was in big trouble!  One day I received an email about the Zerona Laser and read about it melting the fat away.  I saw Dr. Morrow and he had just done several treatments himself and had lost lots of inches.  I decided to do the treatments on my upper arms, stomach and back areas.  My upper arms were so fat that I could not wear my jackets.  The process was a two week commitment involving exercise, detox foot baths, sauna and doctors visits.  I have gone from a size sixteen down to a size ten.  I feel so much better and now have more energy.  My skin looks so much better!  When you are ready to make a change, the Zerona is the answer!


Results:  Lost 9.5 lbs of Fat, 9.25 lbs off the scale, 16 inches


I express my gratitude and appreciation to the entire Healing Center staff.  Their dedication and kind support have helped me develop an important change in my life towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.  I have lost inches,and gained my energy and health.  I am able to sleep better, walk and exercise, and more importantly feel young again.  My neighbors, friends and colleges have commended about the change, the fresh look in my face, my smile and loss of pounds and inches in a period of four to six weeks.  I am also amazed as to how eating the right way, doing the detox and reading some of the materials along with the amazing Zerona can make such a change.  I am a firm believer in The Healing Center and staff.  God bless them.


Results:  Lost 3.5 lbs of Fat, 8.5 lbs off the scale, 10 inches


I truely enjoyed my Zerona experience!  Not only did I lose a a lot of inches (mostly off my stomach!), but every bit of the time spent at The Healing Center was enjoyable!  I made some new friends, but the fun and friendly staff treated me like a queen!  I highly recommend this program!


Results:  Lost 7.5 lbs of Fat, 10 lbs off the scale, 10 3/4 inches



After my hypothyroidism led to my decreased energy and weight gain, I began coming to The Healing Center for cold laser therapy, adjustments, and Zerona laser treatments.  After two weeks, I have experienced a renewed sense of energy, allowing me to lead an active lifestyle again.  I am thrilled to be able to wear all of the clothes in my closet again!


Results:  Lost 12 3/4 lbs of Fat, 19.75 lbs off the scale, 13.75 inches


I came to The Healing Center for low back pain and the Zerona program.  I had been to two different chiropractors with unpleasant results.  Dr. Nemow is a miracle worker! I have no more back pain! I'm also very happy I lost pounds and inches on the Zerona plan.


Results:  Lost 4 lbs of Fat, 6 lbs off the scale, 11 inches


My experience was enjoyable and relaxing most days.  I am not sure what my expectations were for the results with the Zerona, but the tape measure did say I lost inches!  I hope to stay committed to eating better based on my body type and continue to exercise and hydrate.


Results:  Lost 2.5 lbs of Fat, 1.5 lbs off the scale, 11.5 inches


The Zerona works!  After making the commitment and sticking to it, great results were achieved.  I actually lost weight and inches.


Results:  Lost 2lbs of Fat, 7 lbs off the scale, 11 3/4 inches


After coming two weeks to the Zerona program and doing what the doctor advised, I lost pounds and inches.  If you stick to your guns and do the program the way they advise you can't go wrong.


Results:  Lost 8 lbs of Fat, 12 lbs off the scale, 9.5 inches


The Zerona program was really easy.  All the people at The Healing Center are really friendly and helpful. Thank you!


Results:  Lost 4.5 lbs of Fat, 8 lbs off the scale, 10 inches


The Zerona Laser treatments were the final catalyst that helped me break the pain/weight gain/depression cycle.  Through that success I continue to exceed my weight loss goals, I drop inches even when I don't lose pounds and all of that motivates me to work even harder.  The doctors, therapists, and staff of The Healing Center have always gone out of their way to support me in a kind, caring and professional manner and they will continue to be a part of my health care regimen.


Results:  Lost 2 lbs of fat, 7 3/4 lbs off the scale, 8 inches



Did a great job!  This program helped me alot to reduce weight.  We will send more people who need help.


Results:  Lost 4.5 lbs of fat, 6 lbs off the scale, 13.25 inches 


I enjoyed The Healing Center experience from begining to end.  The happy supportive staff, the relaxing Zerona treatments, the suprise of the foot bath cleanse and even the cleansing sauna all helped me feel better while losing inches and weight.  Thank you for helping on my journey upward in life.


Results:  Lost 3.5 lbs of fat, 10 lbs off the scale, 5.5 inches


After doing the Zerona treatments over the last two weeks, I feel that it has definately kick started me in the right direction.  I feel, and have been told, that I am looking great.  All the staff at The Healing Center were absolutely fantastic and so friendly.  I would definately recommend to family and friends.


Results:  Lost 7 lbs of fat, 6 lbs off the scale, 10.5 inches


The Zerona treatment worked good for me.  I really didn't diet, I liked it.  I'm considering doing it again in the future.


Results:  Lost 2 lbs of fat, 2 lbs off the scale, 7 inches


I thoroughly enjoyed the Zerona treatment.  The treatments allow you to relax and receive great benefits.  The Zerona working with the foot detox feels amazing and has great results.  I will definately be back!  Thank ou to The Healing Center for offering such a nice center with caring physicians and staff.


Results:  Lost 7 3/4 lbs of fat, 5.5 lbs off the scale, 9.25 inches




I am a patient at The Healing Center. My friends and family thought I was crazy for starting this program right before Christmas, but it is the Best gift I have ever given myself!  I have learned so much about how to take care of my body.  I thought that I had to lose weight to get healthy, but I 've learned that I had it backwards.  I had to get healthy before I could lose weight.  I followed the program and lost 8.5 lbs of fat, 15 lbs off the scale, and 19 inches! All from the supplements and the Zerona Program.


Results: Lost 8.5 lbs of fat, 15 lbs off the scale, 19 inches


The Healing Center has helped me tremendously and the office staff are all helpful and courteous. I have enjoyed the workout routine with Charlie and the infrared sauna the most.  Zerona was very relaxing. I feel less bloated and my slacks fit more loosely. I am very pleased with the results. I recommend the Healing Center and all their services.


Results: Lost 6 lbs of fat, 4.25 lbs off the scale, 13.75 inches


I came to The Healing Center for the Zerona, but got so much more! The past 2 weeks have been a "total body workshop" including detox, exercise, and diet. The staff is so personable yet professional. I love this place!


Results: Lost 4.5 lbs of Fat, 4.25 lbs off scale, 9.75 inches



Oh my Goodness! The Healing Center is awesome...when I came in I did not know what to expect. But the moment I walked in the office it was like heaven on earth. The staff and doctors are so awesome. I want to take them home with me. I lost 5.5 of fat and 11.25 inches. I am loving my body. The New Diva is here to stay!!


Results : Lost 5.5 lbs of fat, 11.25 inches


I came in with no energy, overweight, and stressed. After a week on supplements and therapy I could tell the difference in the way I feel. I have tried Zerona, it was great and I am very happy with the results. I am telling all my friends about the good experience I had.  Thank you Healing Center!



The Zerona Laser treatment has been a great way to enhance his body image. He had fun strengthening his muscles with the fitness regime every other day. The staff were very accommodating and patient with us each step of the way.

In his words: "This was cool!"  Thank you all!

-Nicholas (written by Mother)

Results: Lost 7.5 lbs off scale, 7.5 inches


I enjoyed the program. I feel more relaxed and have more energy than before. Thank you Healing Center.


Results: Lost 6.5 lbs of fat, 4 inches


I'm very pleased with the results I got from my Zerona Treatment.  In just two weeks I lost several inches in my body.  Thank you very much for all the help I received from The Healing Center.


Results: Lost 5 lbs of fat, 2 lbs off the scale, 5.5 inches 


After my second child and second c-section, I was unable to exercise and unhappy with my weight.  The Zerona laser was my only option.  I lost over 10 pounds of fat and 10 inches thanks to this regiment.  I feel better about myself and find it easier to exercise.  At The Healing Center, I feel like I have a team rooting me on, and I know I can achieve my goals.


Results: Lost 11.4 lbs off the scale, 10.2 lbs of fat,  9 1/4 inches



I have completed the 2 week Zerona Laser treatments and the bonus days.  It was a wonderful experience.  I lost a total of 16 inches and 4 pounds making my experience even better because it was far beyond anything I might have expected.  Dr. Morrow and his staff were professional, helpful and very courteous.  Thanks to all of you.


Results: Lost 4.25 lbs off the scale, 17 3/4 inches


My experience at The Healing Center was awesome. Everyone was so mice and I am very pleased with the results.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Results: Lost 7.5 lbs of Fat, 1 lb off the scale


I am impressed with my treatment and staff at The Healing Center.  When one turns 60+ you think: Why should I do anything to improve my looks or health? It is, what it is!" Wrong, I want to look and feel good for as long as I can!  Now at 63 1/2, I have improved my energy, balanced out my system so it works well again. Zerona let me loose inches 12 1/2 Fat, over 4 lbs and let me fit into jeans again.

It has been a great experience.


Results: Lost 4.5 lbs of Fat, 3.5 lbs off the scale, 19 inches


During my Zerona/CHI/Detox weeks, I happened to have my yearly cholesterol and blood pressure check.  My BP usually runs about 130/92. This time it was 109/67!! I haven't had reading this low since college (30 years ago). YEA! This alone made the sessions worth the time & expense. I haven't finished my two weeks, but already am seeing results.


Results: Lost 1lb of fat, 6.75 inches


The Zerona program worked great for me.  In just two weeks I lost pounds and inches!  The staff is always courteous and professional.  I highly recommend this program.


Results : Lost 2.25 lbs of fat, 6 3/4 inches


I have been looking for treatment to loose weight and heal mt body. I found The Healing Center and decided to try the Zerona treatment and the other purification methods. This was definitely the "kick start" I needed for my weight loss!

Results were more than I expected, I lost inches and my low back pain was gone.

After 2 weeks, the results have continue and my eating habits have improved, which has resulted in a much healthier me. I am sure I will continue to loose weight and continue to lead a healthier life.


Results: Lost 19 inches